These are very exciting albeit challenging times we are living in right now. As I have spent many years both personally and professionally learning and teaching the art of navigating stressful experiences in a healthy way, I have started this blog as a means of support for those in need of some guidance through the changes happening within their lives and bodies. In the midst of chaos, there is always an opportunity to grow and shift reactive habits into graceful responses. There are simple tools and perhaps an adjustment in perspective that can help anyone journey through difficult circumstances and come out the other side the better for having traveled down that particular path. I invite you to take these steps with me, one breath at a time as we explore together new ways to meet stressful moments and in the process restore the body, mind and spirit to a state of health and well being. I encourage your questions and comments as they will stimulate connection and support for others. With gratitude and love, Sariah

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On this Solstice, a message came for a client’s session and it was clear to both of us that it was meant for all those who consider themselves a light house in these times of change and frequency shifts.  Thus, this sharing: 

“Today you have chosen to stand still connected above, below and within to the fires that give life, receive life, transform life.  This is a day of reflection standing on the bridge of light and dark holding space for both, honoring both.  Each day leads to night leads to day and so on throughout a lifetime and through Mother Earth’s cycles.  The sun and the moon, earth and air, fire and water….all guides and guardians of humanity.  So, here you are in this auspicious moment in reflection.  Can you feel yourself not only ON the bridge between two realities, two worlds, but also that you ARE the bridge?  You have worked long and diligently to embody this union; to stand centered in the midst of all the waves that life’s ocean offers like a lighthouse that guides others home to solid ground to continue their walk on the earth.  The good red road as natives call our brief time on the earth walk, when traveled consciously keeps the wheel of evolution moving within you and for all.  Stand fully in the energy of this moment and feel your center core that others are drawn to and recognize in you even when you forget at times. 

THIS IS YOUR TIME TO REMEMBER!  Shedding along the way is part of the process in order to embody the ability to stay centered in the midst of both internal and external chaos and confusion, doubt and fear.  Dark and light are one.  As a collective humanity is standing still in an awakening transition, this moment is a time of viewing the past, present and future as one reality we breathe as we live our unique lives.  It can feel like standing with a foot in two worlds; living in more than one reality simultaneously.  Walking between these worlds is a conscious art of awareness in a much more expansive existence we all reside in.  The veils between the dimensional divisions continue to thin as frequencies increase.  The cycle of birth, death, rebirth is one continuous, infinite flow of aliveness from our perspective; it is light and dark dancing as intimate partners blending into oneness where there is no distinction that divides…only unity.  These are the times to fully remember this union within Self and that is the ripple that connects all to this recent vibrational upgrade.  What you do, how you stand on this bridge IS the gift you came to contribute. 

Your life matters!  Value each moment as an opportunity to share.  Stretch yourself beyond the fear in all its forms and love yourself through all that appears to challenge you. These shedding moments pass over and over and the light returns as it never left.  Lighten up and live!  You are the lighthouse and when turned on by your consciousness you are simply light revealing light in the midst of darkness.  So now, stand on the bridge of your heart connecting lower self to higher self, the physical body with the spiritual bodies, solar plexus to throat and third eye chakras….this is where harmony and balance stay alive and grounded.  Darkness is only the void revealing itself.  Within this mystery flows the abundance of aliveness to celebrate and embody with every breath.  You have reached the level of maturity in your body and soul that is ready to be a light beacon to mirror for others to see, feel and remember in themselves….thank you for your service….we bow in gratitude!”

Start each day with the inhale connecting the fires of above, below and within and let the exhale radiate your light from every pore, cell, atom and space of your body, mind and energy.




Thank you Matt Kahn for this acronym for ALL IS WELL:

Absolute Law of Love is Infinite Source Welcoming Every Life as Light!!!

Daily, stand on the Earth wherever you are and consciously breathe this affirmation from your heart as a positive energy we each can walk with through our lives no matter what we are asked to meet along the way.  As we drop the old patterns of separation, may these words and vibration be the golden thread that weaves us together in Light and Unity.preview


Musing on the word, accountability, this morning took me to thoughts of responsibility as these words are two sides of the same coin so to speak.  In my body, mind and spirit, “responsibility” immediately converts to our ability to respond to our truth in every moment.  In this world of polarity, we are collectively swimming in the a rather turbulent ocean of separation that on the surface can force us to choose sides and fight the good fight for what we each determine is “right” and “wrong”.  It is here we can get lost in our reactions and lose sight of the deeper responses that need harvesting from an inner landscape that can guide us to choices aligned with union rather than separation.  All the chaos and change mirrored to us daily from the outer world is simply a reflection we must examine first in ourselves and do the work to discover and resolve the separation within our own bodies and psyches.  For me, this is where accountability begins.  The outer world is a powerful catalyst to move us forward if we are willing to see all life as a mirror to see ourselves more clearly; outside change ignites inside change that informs our stance and participation in the transformative process we are all a part of in these evolving times.  There is no either/or on the journey to balance and union.  Yes, there are choices to make; however, the key is for them to arise from a foundation of acceptance rather than rejection; that is, in the spirit of Oneness, all is us. Rather than reject and judge what we don’t like, we can use our attention and awareness to focus on what aligns with unity.  The opportunity and task at hand is to CHOOSE what we wish to feed and starve that which is out of sync with balance and harmony. Continue reading



I notice as I begin to write it is 1:11 and bow to the unseen sources of allies available in an instant to let me know I am not alone but indeed a part of the vast ocean of the All One, reminding me of the continual birthing moments that arise with each wave of this omnipotent realm of existence.  As you can tell by the timing, today the body has been medicine-wheelmoving slowly embracing the waning journey to the new moon arriving on the 28th of this year’s first circular reset.  My usual practice is to greet the four directions and four elements in salutation; movement that calls me into the moment and informs me of what is present to be enlivened in my awareness as I travel through my day.  Connecting with gratitude and invitation to the essential ingredients of an embodied life, I am guided to remember the multi-layers of “reality” that exist simultaneously to experience (or not) during one’s brief earth walk.  Within that awareness, I feel into CONSCIOUS CHOICE and align my thoughts and body to receive the flow of guidance for clarity and understanding that often unveils the next step on the path before me. Continue reading


A Perspective

flat1000x1000075fLiving in the perspective that all life is a mirror to see ourselves more clearly is the path I choose to continue to walk in these brilliant times of transformation.  Our power to not only meet change but also to be a potent ripple within change roots deeply in the internal realms of observation, reflection and presence to the opportunities offered with each awakening  to a new day.  As we step into the world of the now, what do we see?  Can we look into the mirror of the moment and see the reflection of ourselves, our connection to all that is?  From this vantage point we can then stand consciously in our power to transform separation into connection.

We can CHOOSE to refine our fears into love, our impotence into aliveness, our grief into compassion, our resentment into kindness, feeling alone to being al-one, and so on.  The indigenous people around the world are once again reminding us of how to stand in these times:  To show up in peace and the awareness that all life is sacred; to remember the elements of water, air, earth and fire are not only our brothers and sisters that allow us life on this planet but also vital components of our own bodies.  In protecting the water, we are protecting our livelihood, our ability to flow with grace and ease through all changes no matter how turbulent.  To stand for the earth is to remember our roots grounded in love and union.  To meet the fires of refinement is to activate our ability to purify old patterns that no longer serve and fuel the radiance of our own light.  To commune with all that is with each breath is to restore our infinite connection to our own souls and the collective consciousness of Creator, God, Goddess, Allah, Spirit, etc.  These are the truths that bind us all together in the ocean of this human experience. The mirror of the external world is there to turn us inward and find the reflections that apply.  From this inner exploration we can rise together out of the ashes of old forms into a world rebuilt on wholeness, where our diversity and sameness are valued equally.

To those of us that live in the United States…the world is watching how we all meet this opportunity to stand in our original intention that is inherent in our name:  Can we stand as a UNITED mirror of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual STATES of being human?  We have shown what it can look and feel like to be separate and at war with one another AND… we, in our homes, our communities, in our bodies, our hearts, know how to join hands and come together one by one united for the highest good of all that is not about politics, religion, gender, ethnicity, cultures, etc…it’s just about being human and an infinite, evolving consciousness.

To humanity as a whole, we are one family AND… we know what it means to love one another. BE the peace, unity and love you envision in your heart and soul and our world will reflect that back to us.  This is a time to be proactive on both the internal and external realms of existence.  Each one of us will find our own balance and rhythm that will create circles upon circles of ripples in the collective ocean of this beautiful, watery Earth we all live on.






dory I awoke this morning to my body’s call to the fetal position drawing me into the dark abyss of the embryonic ocean of gestation; a moment’s sidetrack from the original intention to meet the world head on with a machete in my right hand ready to clear the earthly path of mundane, red tape that a move to another state of residence incurs.  After many waves of trusting, patience, stalling and resistance  I was ready to ride the next wave of the practical  reconstruction of my new life; the chopping wood, carrying water of auto insurance, driver’s license, medical insurance, website, etc….all the foundational building blocks to support and frame my life in these new surroundings.

As always, Spirit knows how best to guide me and thus the wake-up call back to the womb giving me the space, sounds and imagery to reflect back to me where this next bend in the birthing waters of life will lead me.

“Stand right here, at the threshold of this doorway, be still and breathe, listen and witness as you open to the final trimester of a lifetime pregnancy.”                     

So I pause in the darkness of my bed covers and watch, listen, feel the moment’s offering.  I sense the international signal of S.O.S arising in my awareness; the tap, tap, tapping symphony of dit, dit, dit, daaaaaaa, daaaaaaa, daaaaaaa, dit, dit, dit. These short dots and long dashes that ring out the call for connection, support, attention, and response awaken me to a potent image of life’s urgent, consistent step by step and breath by breath guide to conscious presence on the path of the soul embodied.  I remember the “dots” of bliss, ecstasy, the ah-ha blips on the radar screen and then the long “dashes” through the watery tunnels of surviving and thriving, in and out, up and down; life being lived. Carried through a myriad of conscious and unconscious, messy and beautiful bends and forks, I somehow trusted that three more “dots” of enlightenment would follow to sound the alarm over the airways keeping me on the frequency that would continue to lead me home.

I bow in gratitude for these dots of sound; these guiding stars that light up my path and continually remind me of the bigger picture while grounding me back into the denser realities of the earth walk. The tap, tap, tapping becomes an audio and visceral knocking on the cellular doors of my existence to keep me on course awake and present to the infinite possibilities in the ocean of what is.

Smiling, I hear the voice of Dory singing,

  “keep on swimming, keep on swimming, keep on swimming…”







RavenFlightEaster as it implies draws us in the direction of the East and New Beginnings. With the rising sun we leave behind the darkness and shadow of the past that sets in the West; we emerge into the light of a new day. Before a new breath arrives with each inhale, we clear the cells of toxic residue with each exhale that creates more space for expansion and new life.  So today, we can take the opportunity to consciously surrender to the exhale; to feel the depths of letting go of all the burdens, baggage and patterns that no longer serve and get in the way of whatever is next to birth from within the vast pool of the creative waters we all embody.  As we meet the intensity of each experience of contraction, we can take advantage of all that arises within the body to inform us of the clutter that is ready to be cleared.  When a pause comes, that space in between the contractions, rest and reflection is offered.  The birthing process depends on both the contractions and the pauses to keep the expansion and forward movement alive.  Change and transformation are at the doorstep of our individual and collective realities.  Each conscious breath we take can guide us through this present energetic passage through death and rebirth.

What will you leave behind as you move through this  doorway?

                                What will you take with you across the threshold?

                                                        What will you enliven with each inhale?